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Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner, on Monday 3 June 2019, will be held at Centralværkstedet & Smedien (in English “the Central Workshop”). Centralværkstedet is located in downtown Aarhus, neighbouring Bruuns Galleri, Aarhus Central Railway Station and the new Comwell Aarhus Hotel. The bus station is also just a stone’s throw away.

The street entrance of Centralværkstedet & Smedien is at Værkmestergade 9.

The conference dinner starts at 18:30 and ends at 22:00.

A tip … an easy way to get to Centralværkstedet & Smedien is to enter the main entrance of the Railway Station and walk straight-on through the shop galleries until the exit at the back side of the Station. Once there get down the steps and walk left about 100 metres to reach Værkmestergade 9.

Centralværkstedet & Smedien was built in 1862 and used by the Danish State Railways as a repair workshop of locomotives, railway carriages, etc. Today, the building is completely renovated and refurbished with acoustic ceilings, new heating equipment, a state of the art kitchen etc. The unpolished atmosphere of the original workshop building has been preserved. If you are curious about the place you can look at (only in Danish) or for information in English.

Please click here to get a detailed map of the centre of Aarhus, which includes the location of:
-    Centralværkstedet & Smedien (Conference Dinner),
-    the four hotels offered by the conference secretariat, and
-    the bus station and the railway station.
Once the map is on your screen you can download the map PDF file ‘LuQW2019_Aarhus_detail_map_centre etc.pdf’.

Overview map of Aarhus, including University campus and City centre

Please click here to get an overview map of the centre of Aarhus, which includes the location of:

University campus, for:
- Icebreaker and Conference Pre-registration, and
- Conference venue (plenary and parallel sessions), poster sessions, coffee breaks and lunches.

City centre, for:
- the four hotels offered by Conference Secretariat,
- Conference Dinner location, and
- bus and train station.


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Scientific sponsors and institutional supporters:

Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG), Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany     VMM, Flanders Environment Agency, Department Operational Water Management, Belgium



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