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July 31, 2019
- activated "Click here for PDF files of ORAL and POSTER presentations during conference (by conference sessions)"

July 15, 2019
- activated ''Click here for Conference closure presentation, 6 June 2019 (PDF)''

July 10, 2019
- updated "Click here for Volume of Abstracts (PDF) of oral and poster presentations during conference" with PDF version 'Post_Conference_UPDATE_25-June-2019'

July 3, 2019
- activated "Click here for Introductory conference themes related presentation (PDF)"

May 23, 2019
- activated ''Click here for Volume of Abstracts (PDF) of oral and poster presentations during conference''

May 23, 2019
- updated ''Click here for Preliminary Conference Programme'' (on HOME page) with conference programme version 'FINAL_20190522'

May 5, 2019
- on "Click here for Preliminary Conference Programme” on HOME page, replaced Excel-based programme outline by first preliminary Word-based version of Conference Programme

April 3, 2019
- activated the webpage "Venue, maps campus etc”
- activated "Click here for Preliminary Conference Programme”, on HOME page, as an Excel-based outline (one-page Excel-sheet), with oral presentations only

February 12, 2019
- activated the webpage "Visa Application”

January 15, 2019
- disabled the possibility to submit abstracts, in webpage Abstract Submission

December 17, 2018
- activated “Click here to download list of abstracts accepted for oral/poster presentation (PDF)”, on HOME page

December 10, 2018
- updated and activated the webpage "Registration”, now with active online link to Conference Secretariat

December 7, 2018
- updated the webpage "Important Dates”, added the deadline 26 May 2019 to register and pay the late fee

November 29, 2018
- activated the webpage "Registration, without online link to Conference Secretariat”

November 12, 2018
- activated the webpage "Conference Dinner”
- activated the webpage "Accommodation”

November 6, 2018
- activated "Click here to view abstracts from members of Scientific Advisory Committee", on HOME page

October 31, 2018
- activated the webpage "Cancellations and Changes”

October 23, 2018     
- status of submission changed to ‘Abstract submission … still possible (in principle for poster only)’

October 15, 2018
- deadline for abstract submission extended from 15 October till 19 October 2018

October 3, 2018
- activated the webpage "Accompanying Persons”

September 21, 2018
- on HOME page added announcement “Theme G, “protection of water sources for drinking-water production from pollution by nitrate, pesticides etc.”)

August 22, 2018
- activated the webpage "Publications”

August 3, 2018
- activated the webpage "Speaker and Poster Instructions”

June 29, 2018
-    activated the webpage "Abstract Submission”

June 5, 2018
- activated the web page "General Information”
- activated the webpage "Venue and Travel”

May 4, 2018
- activated download of the conference flyer on HOME, “A3 page, double sided” or “A4 single sided, 4 pages”

May 2, 2018
- First version of the website online

This version includes:
- HOME page page (yet to activate download of conference flyer)
- Webpage Scope and Objectives
- Webpage Themes and Topics
- Webpage Special Sessions
- Webpage Scientific Advisory Com
- Webpage Organisers and Sponsors
- Webpage Registration Fee
- Webpage Important Dates
- Webpage News (this webpage)
- Webpage Contact Organising Com


DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University, Denmark  Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, Denmark



Scientific sponsors and institutional supporters:

Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG), Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany     VMM, Flanders Environment Agency, Department Operational Water Management, Belgium



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T +45 8629 6960

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